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A great #sustainable 2018 with new innovations and partnerships.
A great #sustainable 2018 with new innovations and  partnerships.
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Dear all,

We - WhatsOrb - like to wish you a great innovative 2018 with lots of new developments in the sustainability area. 
In any field like - alternative energy, architecture, gardening, transportation, etc were many improvements globaly in 2017. Let's try to continue this in 2018 in an even faster way by sharing knowledge, ideas, wishes, products and services.

Reading - that even a country like the Netherlands where I live - just has made a minor step on the 'greening' path makes it more clearly and urgent that there is still a lot to do.

Pollution is borderless, so countries with more advanced technology and financial means have to invest more in countries which lack these resources.
Of course - we in the Western World - have to adjust our 'buying, transportation behavior' so future generations have a chance to continue in a more healthier lifestyle in the broadest sense.

WhatsOrb - Happy New Year

I continue this year to bridge most distances on my bicycle and public transport. In June I'm gonna install solar panels on my new appartment. My activities with WhatsOrb will intensify in co-oporation with a developing- and marketing organisation.

Anybody who has ideas to improve the WhatsOrb-Site or want's to work with us, please contact us;

Have a beautiful 2018,

On behalve of the the WhatsOrb-Team,

Hans van der Broek

Cover image: Hazel (Corylus avellana, 01-01-2018) Hans van der Broek