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Well-crafted 28' #tinyhouse is a beautiful modern home. The tinyhouse movement is growing.
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As the tiny house movement seems to be gaining quite a bit of ground in the United States, north of the border in Canada, things seem to be picking up as well. Besides its first tiny house festival a couple of years back, we're now seeing a number of high-quality tiny houses come out of Canada.

Quebec tiny house builder Minimaliste is one of these up-and-coming builders creating thoughtfully designed small spaces. We were thoroughly impressed with one of their previous builds, and now co-founder Phil Beaudoin gives a tour of the company's latest work, The Eucalyptus, with a characteristic tongue-in-cheek sense of humour.

The 28-foot long house was commissioned by a client living in California, but has been winter-proofed as a four-season type of home, as the client may someday move to the northeast US, or potentially sell it to someone living in a colder climate. Most notably, it is built with a large 2-kilowatt roof solar system to go completely off-the-grid, but contains all the amenities: dishwasher, washer, refrigerator and so on.

Coming in, the space hosts the living room right in the middle of the home. Since the clients have a dog, the main door has a SureFlap pet door that uses an electronic collar worn by the pet to unlock it.

To the right is the kitchen, and a stairway going up to the main sleeping space. The stairs are beautifully done, with the storage drawers well-integrated enough so that they are not too apparent. The propane heater is also hidden within the stair itself. Safety is kept in mind with a custom-made industrial pipe railing on the outside of the stair.

The U-shaped kitchen offers a lot of counter space; there's an 18-inch dishwasher as well as a full-sized stove and medium-sized refrigerator.