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#Tinyhouses in Germany. Living on a few square meters! Some questions about the new trend.
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Tiny Houses was created during the American financial crisis in the US in 2007/2008. Housing prices exploded and houses but also the very general living space became priceless. That was the birth of the Tiny House.
Beautifil Tiny house in the evening seen from the side with lighted windows in a garden and steps in front
The housing shortage caused by rising rents and purchase prices in major German cities mean that people in this country are now looking for alternative forms of housing. For one thing, prefabricated buildings are long in vogue again and the flight to the countryside is also a clear trend. For those who want to stay in the big city and enjoy the benefits of city life, but can’t afford luxury condos, come up with an alternative: Tiny Houses.

What are "Tiny Houses"?

Tiny Houses are miniature houses with an average size of 10 square meters. Usually they are transportable. Many of the houses can be directly linked to a car as a trailer. The cost of the modest but cozy home is a slim 50,000 euros. Especially hobby farmers come here at their expense. It is actually possible to build a Tiny House build yoursel. There are already courses in which you can build your own house under the guidance of a professional.

There is a corresponding project in Berlin. 12 Tiny Houses have already been built in the courtyard of the Bauhaus Archive in Schöneberg district. The aim of the project is to test new possibilities of urban coexistence. The initiator of the project, architect Van Bo Le-Mentzel, is particularly interested in the question of what kind of social composition big cities will have in the future. He assumes that Tiny Houses in 10 years will be something quite normal.
Tiny house from brown wood on a pavement on wheels
Initiator of the Berlin Tiny House project Van Bo Le-Mentzel // Source: faz.
The Tiny House offers various uses

The minihouses can fulfill different purposes. The highly acclaimed Tiny100 project shows how Tiny Houses can provide a cozy, inner-city home for those in need. In the project, Tiny Houses are rented out to a socially weak person for just € 100 a month. If you put the whole thing as a property project, the target audience would be different according to Le-Mentzel. He assumes that the young middle class can be addressed by Tiny Houses, because many consciously choose an alternative lifestyle based on minimalism and abandonment.
Currently already extensively operational?

Clearly, Tiny Houses save resources and show that it can also be done with less. Nevertheless, organizational questions also arise. For example, how do you house your household in such a small area? And what about families? Is the nursery located in another Tiny House and is it more like a children's home than a nursery? And what about gaps or a front yard? Since the miniature houses often do not exceed the floor space of 10 square meters, they are not subject to the construction law, but the Highway Code. Imagine, for example, that the Tiny Houses are suddenly increasingly found in premium city locations: the Alexanderplatz would then resemble a campsite.

Interior of a tiny house with furniture