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#Tinyhomes or recreational vehicles and trailors. Wheelhouse makes the difference
Architecture Architecture Tinyhouses

There's been some discussion around the internets about why tiny homes are not the same as recreational vehicles and trailers. But the line dividing them isn't always all that clear, given there are some trailers that are so well-built that they seem more like a tiny home than a mass-manufactured trailer or RV, as well as a segment of tiny homes that are built with RVIA (Recreation Vehicle Industry Association) certification.
Wyoming-based builder Wheelhaus was one of these builders who previously showed how the careful and clever design ideals behind the tiny house movement might be integrated into the creation of park model RVs, also known as recreational park trailers (RPTs). Their 400-square-foot Wedge model -- which was certified as an RV and could be towed and parked in any RV park or campground, is one of these tinyhouse-RV hybrids, which the company touts as the "the next generation of RPTs". Now, Wheelhaus is back with a smaller version of this popular model, dubbed the Roadhaus Wedge RV.

Tiny Wheelhouse seen from the back

Coming in at 10.5 feet wide and 38 feet long, it's a gorgeous design that looks familiar, but is also reminiscent of early Modernism or something Eames-like. It's well-lit and topped with a roof that seems to float, letting even more light in, while offering more privacy. The main draw in the living room is the glass-wrapped corner on one end; part of it is actually a huge glass door that swings out, extending the interior space out over the included wooden deck. The kitchen is beyond; it's not too big but has a bigger sink, a very small stovetop and an adjustable storage option with the pegboard. The bathroom is designed as a wet room; it's covered with silver tiles and there doesn't appear to be any separation between the shower and the rest of the space. The bedroom is all the way in the back, with enough space to fit a queen-sized bed.
A silver coloured bathroom like a space elevator

The whole thing is on wheels, so it can be moved easily, more so than its larger predecessor, The Wedge. It comes in sizes from 160 to 240 square feet and is cheaper too, but not by much with a base price of USD $76,000. The clear advantage here though is that like The Wedge, the Roadhaus Wedge RV tiny house can be towed and parked in RV and trailer parks. But, as we've speculated before, this crossing-over between the two worlds may be the future of the tiny house movement, as regulations change and appetites for better designs emerge, possibly opening the door to more tiny houses certified as RVs, making their appearance in more RV and trailer parks.
Roadhouse Wedge kitchen, Wheelhouse