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The most #sustainable chocolate factory

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by: Moon Apple
the most  sustainable chocolate factory

The most sustainable chocolate factory in the world in Amsterdam (Netherlands).

Drawing new factory Chocolademakers
Chocolate producer ‘Chocolatemakers’ is building a very sustainable chocolate factory in the port of Amsterdam (the Netherlands) that will be completely self-sufficient in the field of energy. The factory is also being opened to visitors.
The roof of the factory is made entirely of transparent solar panels that produce enough energy for the entire factory. In addition, as much as possible is built with circular building material. When the factory is built, Chocolatemakers will focus on the sustainable burning of beans.
Chocolate in a bag


At the location, a mooring place for the sailing ship Tres Hombres had to be taken into account. Once a year the sailing ship travels across the Atlantic to transport cocoa beans to the Netherlands in a sustainable manner. In this way Chocolatemakers wants to draw attention to sustainable transport.
Sailing ships bow Tres Hombre

Sustainable chocolate producer

2 man sitting on bags
The owners of 'Chocolademakers'; Rodney en Enver.

Chocolate makers is the only chocolate producer in the Netherlands that owns all the links in the chain itself. In this way, the company wants to produce chocolate as sustainably as possible. Since 2011 Chocolatemakers wants to show people that the entire cocoa chain can be transparent, honest and sustainable. With the arrival of the new visitable chocolate factory, that is now finally possible.
The opening of the chocolate factory is planned for March 2019.ut

Chocolate producer Barry Callebaut sets itself the goal to only buy sustainable chocolate in 2025.

That is what Barry Callebaut is making known in its new sustainability strategy Forever Chocolate. In this, the company sets itself the goal of moving sustainable chocolate from a niche to the norm in less than ten years.

100 percent sustainable chocolate

"We have been at the forefront of sustainability in cocoa and chocolate for years, and we have made great progress," says Antoine de Saint-Affrique, CEO of Barry Callebaut. "But despite all our efforts, only 23 percent of the cocoa beans that we purchase come from sustainability programs. We are determined to change this and buy 100 percent of our chocolate and sustainable ingredients in 2020. "

In addition to purchasing 100 percent sustainable chocolate and ingredients, Barry Callebaut has also set the following goals for 2025:

- Abolishing child labor from the supply chain
- Taking more than 500,000 cocoa farmers out of poverty
- CO2 and forest positive.

Sustainable production

According to De Saint-Affrique, it is impossible to achieve these objectives alone. That is why the company has plans for a movement with governments, NGOs, consumers and our customers. "'Forever Chocolate' is an open invitation to work with us to develop structural solutions for the sustainability challenges in the chocolate production chain," says the CEO.
The chocolate producer works through various initiatives to make the supply chain of chocolate sustainable, both ecologically and socially. For example, Barry Callebaut has set up various programs that support farmers and their families in cocoa communities.


In addition, the company recently started a collaboration with The Sustainable Trade Initiative (IDH). As part of this collaboration, Barry Callebaut is testing a sustainable cocoa system in Ivory Coast. The system must balance between profitable cocoa production and forest conservation by supporting farmers in increasing their productivity and improving agroforestry while making the local population aware of forest protection.

Traceable cocoa

Bars of Tony Chocolony in many colors
The company has also recently collaborated with the Dutch chocolate product Tony's Chocolonely. For example, Barry Callebaut installed a new cocoa butter tank to process for Tony's Chocolonely cocoa butter of traceable cocoa beans.
Pine tree

By: Britt van den Elshout and Chris Thijssen

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I'm interested in everything that has to do with sustainability. My house is solar powered and I have my own water supply and filtering system.  I grow my own vegetables and fruit. Most of the time I go on the road by bicycle and for long distances I use public transport.  
I'm interested in everything that has to do with sustainability. My house is solar powered and I have my own water supply and filtering system.  I grow my own vegetables and fruit. Most of the time I go on the road by bicycle and for long distances I use public transport.  
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