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Architecture architecture Tinyhouses

The Devasa tiny house raises the roof

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by: Joris Zuid
the devasa tiny house raises the roof

What about a tiny house which you can expand in minutes to add a new room. When parked, it is possible to change the size of the Devasa, when on the road it fits below all bridges.

Before we have shown you the Cécile from the French company ‘Optinid’, a tiny house with a sliding roof. When open you can watch the stars from your bed or take a sunbath without moving to your terrace.

A tiny house which ‘slides up its roof’

Now on the Devasa which ‘slides up its roof’. It’s a model from Tiny House NYC, which can increase in height to provide more space when staying in it. You can compare this technique with a European Alpen Kreuzer or Paradise, which was used by camping enthusiast especially in the 70th and 80th from the last century. Nowadays you could compare it with a camper van with a pop-up roof.

2 people standing in front of a wooden tiny house in a shed

Image by: Tiny House NYC, mediadrumimages

Most tiny houses have a crampy low loft where you have to crawl to get in your bed. The Devasa tiny house solves this problem just by the possibility to expand upward. When on the road in a lower position it meets legal standards to tow.
The Devasa tiny house measures 7,20-meter-long and 3.80 meter high. By raising the ‘roof’ the height will be total a little more than 5 meters. Upstairs you will have an impressive 2-meter-high ceiling.

The floorspace of the Devasa tiny house

Floorspace is about 28 m2 with a standard outfit for tiny houses. There is a living room, kitchen, a bathroom with shower, sink and composting toilet. Upstairs are 2 bedrooms which is very unusually. They can be reached by a staircase which also is part of a storage.

wooden, brown electric light lit top of the tiny house Devasa

Image by: Tiny House NYC, mediadrumimages

Having your bed(s) ready for a good night rest is all what is possible on the ‘top-floor’. Of course, some small furniture which does not extent the height of your bed. When the roof is lowered you would otherwise have to move all what is higher than your bed or it will be squeezed to a size which probably is not what you want!

The lifting part of the roof runs on a 12 V car battery which powers 4 screw jacks which are fit in each corner of the Devasa tiny house. It is also possible to operate it manually in case of the system would fail.

The price from the Devasa tiny house will be around €110.000 or $ 125.000 (with no appliances yet installed in the kitchen).

Source: Tiny Houses NYC

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