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Architecture architecture Tinyhouses

Meet The 'Build Tiny' Family from New Zealand. Tiny houses at it's best!

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by: Joris Zuid
meet the  build tiny  family from new zealand  tiny houses at it s best

Build Tiny is a small family business with big aspirations for Tiny Homes. In 2016/17, Gina designed and built her own Tiny House with Brother-in-Law Jason. The whole family got involved and had so much fun in the process. We saw a need for reliable, experienced Tiny House builders, and felt as though we would make the dream team. With Jason and Steve as Builders, Gina as a designer, Amy with her management experience, and parents Ian and Diane with their extensive experience in running their own business we decided to break all the rules and go into business together - and so Build Tiny Ltd was born!

Build Tiny are proud to be presenting our prototype Boomer Tiny House - This modern home is well finished, with crisp negative detailing. It's light and open with a warm timber finish on the walls, and white ceilings. It's just 7.2 x 2.4m. It's been designed with short-term rentals in mind, suiting the Airbnb market. Fully kitted out with everything needed in a modern home such as: a full sized oven, fridge, shower and washing machine, and an open plan lounge area - you’ve really got to see it in person to appreciate all the unique features, but here are some snapshots of the finished product

Please note that the photos and videos shown are of our prototype build for this design. Whilst it is an accurate representation of the layout for this tiny house design, some materials have been customized to suit the client's choices. To see what materials and features come standard with this build, please read through the full list of details and inclusions below.

Details and inclusions

Kitchen Features

  • Base cabinets made of moisture resistant melamine - 13 colors to choose from. All cupboards and drawers secured with push-button locking mechanism. All cupboard doors come with soft closing hinges.
  • Laminate finish bench-tops, 30mm thick. 6 colors to choose from. Hard wearing, long lasting and easy to clean.
  • Pull out rubbish bin next to the sink.
  • Overhanging on benchtop to create a breakfast bar.
  • Four storage drawers at the end of the kitchen, one deeper drawer under the pull-out rubbish bin.
  • Double cupboards under the sink.
  • Pull out spice rack style storage beside the oven.
  • Wall mounted cupboards.
  • 2 Double power points.
  • Three LED downlights
  • Stainless steel splash back under the window
  • Tap-ware: Aquatica Latino
  • Sink: Project Forte Sink Bowl 800x500mm
  • Vinyl Flooring

Interior #Boomer, #tinyhouse, kitchen

Great-room features

  • A large French door for airflow with louvers
  • Six step staircase leading up to the sleeping loft. Made from lightweight white HPL Plywood. First, third and fifth step with removable tread for storage. Two drawers under the second step. Space for a washing machine or wardrobe under the fourth and fifth step, fridge under sixth.
  • Handrail along the wall to the top of the stairs, pine with Miles Nelson satin chrome brackets
  • Large open-plan area for you to customize with your own furniture. *Couch pictured not included
  • Vinyl Flooring
  • Two LED downlights and three double power points.

Sleeping loft features

  • Mattress slats cut into the flooring, these can be customized to suit any size mattress including a super king. (Mattress not included)
  • Carpeted flooring
  • Built-in storage unit/barrier at the top of the stairs. Two built-in drawers and three pull out baskets/boxes.
  • Individually controlled, recessed wall lights on each side of the bed. Switch on/off from in the loft or downstairs.
  • Double power point at each side of the bed and also one power point at the foot of the bed.
  • Generous head-height of 1.3m at the head of the bed.
  • Smoke alarm

An additional loft can be built to your specification above the couch in the Great Room, this could be for additional storage or a second sleeping space. 

Interior #Boomer, #tinyhouse, sleeping room

Bathroom Features

  • 810mm alcove shower with space-saving bi-folding doors that open inward.
  • One 500m opening windows with obscure finish for privacy
  • 500mm wide vanity with storage underneath
  • Tap-ware: Aquatica Latino
  • One double power-point
  • NZ made Bambooloo composting toilet
  • Vinyl flooring (color and style choices available) 


  • Mains water hookup (tanks available at an additional cost). Easily connect your tiny house with a garden house.
  • Standard 240v wiring means you can run standard appliances - 16 amp capacity. Efficient LED Lighting. (solar available at an additional cost)
  • Gas on demand hot water heater
  • Hookup for 9kg LPG gas bottle for cooking and hot water (* gas bottle not inc)
  • Electrical utilities located in the wall cupboard in the kitchen, this houses the main switchboard and internet data connections etc.​​

Construction methods & materials

  • Roll-formed, lightweight steel framing with industry standard thermal break.
  • Earthwool insulation in walls and ceiling, 40mm polystyrene underfloor insulation.
  • Zincalume roof, and flashings (many colour steel colours to choose from), lightweight, strong, extremely low maintenance.
  • Cladding: Our prototype has Stained Shadow clad plywood on the east and west walls (smaller walls) and Zincalume on the north and south walls (big walls). Alternative cladding materials available.
  • Double glazed aluminum windows. Tinted for privacy. Large French door with louvers down the side, made from toughened glass and comes with latch-backs. Over 30 colors to choose from.
  • Custom slimline gutter just 50mm, and a 40mm down-pipe.
  • Overall dimensions (trailer size 7.2x2.4m plus drawbar ) approximately 7.3x 2.5m, plus drawbar. height from the ground approximately 4.2m
  • Wall linings: plywood with black negative detail on the joins. Painted finish.
  • Ceiling linings: plywood with black negative detail on the joins. Painted finish.

#Boomer. frame, construction, #tinyhouse

Trailer features

  • House is completely detachable from the trailer chassis using 4x container locks
  • Flat deck design
  • ​Hot-dip galvanized
  • State of the art 3500kg wireless electric braking system
  • 195x14" Low profile galvanized rims and tires
  • Monstor heavy duty jockey wheel
  • 3500kg rated 1"7/8 tow coupling
  • Safety brake-away switch
  • Full LED lights
  • Spare wheel and tire
  • NSK Bearing 1500kg rated hubs and stub each
  • 3-year warranty on the frame and 2-year warranty on parts
  • 3 Year Warrant of Fitness & 1 year Registration
  • 4 x stabilizers (heavy duty lifting jacks additional)

Options & Extras​

  • Solar Power

We work with Sky Solar to offer 3 different packages to suit various needs:

  • $10,600 NZD inc GST (3 panels, inverter, 3.4kwh battery) - Suit one bedroom part time occupancy (e.g Airbnb).
  • $14,200 NZD inc GST (4 panels, inverter, 5.4kwh battery) - Suit two bedroom secondary dwelling, light power usage e.g granny flat/elderly couple.
  • $18,400 NZD  inc GST (6 panels, inverter,10.8kwh battery) - Suit large two bedroom couple with 2 kids, full time living but with low kwh appliances.

You will work with Sky Solar directly to tailor a package to your needs, but the above gives you an indication of what you get in each price range. There may be an additional cost to build a housing unit or install a cupboard for the inverters and batteries depending where you would like this equipment kept. 

​Shower Dome

A Showerdome® shower top stops steam and moisture leaving your shower, so you can enjoy mist-free mirrors, a dry bathroom and a warm, clear shower enclosure. Comes with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE to stay crystal clear. $430 installed

Water Tanks

We don't recommend on-board water tanks unless you are building a super portable, small tiny home that is designed for travel. If like most people you are going to be parked up on a piece of land for an extended period, we recommend that you either use mains water available on site, or use a large standard water tank that you place near the tiny house, and pump water from there to your tiny house. This is much cheaper than custom onboard tanks and will reduce the weight on your trailer. 

​That said, we can install water tanks into your tiny home if that is what you need, get in touch and let us know what size capacity you would like, and whether you need fresh and or grey water tanks, and we can send you indicative pricing. ​


We can assist you in contracting a professional towing company to transport your Tiny House. The rough cost for this is $2 per km return from our workshop in Katikati. 

Appliance Package

We have carefully selected efficient and small appliances that fit perfectly into the layout of this home. The package costs $3,690 NZD and includes:

  • 600mm full gas 4 burner oven by Indesit
  • 7kg Front loader washing machine
  • 280L Westinghouse Fridge/Freezer WTB2800AG
  • Robinhood powerpack rangehood & ducting kit
  • Carbon monoxide alarm.


Our trailers come standard with 4x stabilisers, which are designed to level your trailer. We also offer detachable jack legs, which bolt onto the trailer and can be used to manually jack the house up off the trailer, this is useful if you want to remove the trailer out from underneath for maintenance, to a get a WOF, or to use the trailer for a different purpose. the cost of these are $1,075 NZD for a set of 4. 

Custom-made, Detachable Tiny House Trailers

We have our trailers made locally by Bay Engineering Solutions (BES), That way, we can focus on what we do best, designing and building Tiny Homes! We've been working with BES for years to refine their trailer design to make them truly perfect for Tiny Homes. We now exclusively use their detachable trailer system for all our tiny house builds, which are high quality, secure and versatile. You can be sure that the 'foundations' of your Tiny Home are the best on the market, and will easily stand the test of time. 

Why detachable? The trailers have a flat deck and low profile design. They consist of two parts; a chassis - a basic skeleton trailer with structural steel, axles and a drawbar, and the deck - a detachable steel frame used as the floor of your tiny house. These two parts are securely locked together using a container lock in each corner of the house. This new technology allows you to maneuver your house into place, and remove the trailer from underneath (if and when you need to) with hand operated lifting jacks. Having the ability to detach your tiny house from the trailer will take all the stress out of your yearly WOF checks, it frees up your trailer to be used for other purposes when you're not using it, and means you can keep the trailer well maintained by servicing it regularly. Watch the video above to see how the two parts of the trailer are easily separated by hand operated lifting jacks.

Sizes: Our tiny house trailers are registered as light simple trailers, and are rated to 3500kg.Trailers are built at 2.4m wide and to various lengths - but we recommend you select a multiple of 6 as this creates efficiencies in building materials, eg, 6m, 6.6m, 7.2m, 7.8m etc. Just note that it can become difficult for us to keep your house under the 3500kg weight limit if you decide to build much bigger than 7.2m. The flat-deck design provides an unobstructed blank canvas for us to design and build your dream Tiny Home, all without compromising on overall height.

Brakes: 3500kg rated radio controlled wireless drum brakes are fitted on all trailers and can be plugged into any towing vehicle without rewiring. An additional safety feature is the smart brake away switch. This clips onto the towing vehicle, in the event of a brake away it will engage the trailers brakes.

Galvanizing: Trailers up to 9.2m (overall length) are hot dip galvanized to prevent rust. Holes used for bolting the tiny house walls down to the trailer are drilled before galvanizing to allow us to easily bolt down the walls of your house to the trailer deck, making a secure, rust-free connection.

Your trailer will include:

  • State of the art 3500kg wireless electric braking system
  • 195x14" Low profile galvanised rims and tires
  • Monster heavy duty jockey wheel
  • 3500kg rated 1"7/8 tow coupling
  • Safety breakaway switch
  • Full LED lights
  • Spare wheel and tire
  • NSK Bearing
  • 1750kg rating per axle
  • 3-year warranty on the frame and 2-year warranty on parts
  • 3-Year Warrant of Fitness & 1-year Registration
  • 4x stabilizers
  • lifting jacks are an optional extra

© 2018 Build Tiny Limited

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