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#Dutch #TinyHouse with the comfort of a regular home.
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Tailor-made sustainable

The Starline Tiny House informal ‘care home’ has the same living comfort as a regular home. The insulation and ventilation standard of our Tiny House is even higher than most regular homes. We build standard or luxurious Tiny Houses starting from 30m2 tailor-made in a Dutch factory in Reek. The models can be supplied with solar collectors,
Solar panels on a roof
solar water heater and air heat pump so that they are completely energy-neutral. This, combined with the option floor heating and the standard very high insulation standard, ensures a very comfortable living comfort without the monthly high energy costs.
Starline can tailor a Tiny House informal ‘care home’ completely so that it perfectly matches your personal preference in terms of appearance. Make a map for your own Tiny House here and we will tailor it for you.

Curious as to which options are available?

Surface starting from 30m2, insulation values ​​up to Rc 6, natural or electrical ventilation, air heat pump and / or solar water heater, equipment kitchen, wall finish wood, floor finish, bathroom with shower, sink and toilet, solar panels, wood or pellet stove, colour and material interior finish, wooden or plastic exterior finish

New model

The Tiny House informal care home of Starline is a newly designed mobile bungalow that is completely sustainable. The bungalow has a flat roof where solar collectors can be attached. By making use of an option such as an air heat pump or solar water heater, the bungalow is completely energy-neutral.

Starlines new model Tinyhouse standing on a green grassfield

Fermate, Affordable quality

Tinyhouse Fermate hangin at cables from a crane 

The Fermate model is very suitable for use as a single carer's home. The Fermate is, like other models, of very high quality and yet affordable. It has a living room with practical kitchen, spacious bedroom and bathroom. This model is available on request with 2 bedrooms and many options such as walk-in shower, underfloor heating etc.

Sizes and price:

Length: 9 meters, width: 4.50 meters, height ceiling: 2.35 meters, roof: Saddle roof, starting price: € 56.715, - incl. (Price level 2-1-2017)
Including: kitchen, bathroom, floor, heating, floor and wall finishing. Insulation: wall and floor Rc 5 and roof Rc 6. Transport and installation costs: ex.
Interior tinyhouse kitchen