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Compact #tinyhouse cuts the cord for #off-grid freedom. Extra... an interview with #Eco homes UK.
Architecture Architecture Tinyhouses

A roof-based solar powered Tinyhouse 

Colorado's MitchCraft Tiny Homes shoehorned a surprisingly fully-featured tiny house onto a compact 22 ft (6.7 m)-long trailer with its latest build, Davis's 22 ft Off-Grid Tiny Home. Sleeping up to four people under its small roof, the towable dwelling also boasts solar power, a composting toilet, and onboard water storage, allowing the owner maximum off-grid freedom.
The small size of Davis's 22 ft Off-Grid Tiny Home reminds us of the compact tiny houses we see in Europe
The recently-completed tiny house, named after its owner, is based on a double-axle trailer and clad in cedar, with a relatively large drop-down deck at the entrance providing some outdoor living space. Its small size is unusual for North America and its design reminds us of the tiny houses by Baluchon and other European firms.

Visitors enter into a snug living room with a sofa bed and wood-burner. The home is finished in wood, with live edge window sills and it looks nice and light in there thanks to plenty of glazing.

The kitchenette is nearby. This is a reasonable size and includes a two-person breakfast bar, pull-out pantry, shelving, a small two-burner stove and a refrigerator. A washer/dryer and sink are also installed. Further into the home is a door leading to a bathroom with stainless steel shower surround, copper pail sink, and composting toilet.
Davis Tinyhouse interior with red pillows on a couch and a stove
A storage-integrated staircase leads up to the only loft in this one, which serves as the master bedroom and is topped by a skylight.
Davi's tinyhouse interior with staircase and stove
The tiny house gets power from a roof-based #solar power array, with eight batteries ensuring the juice keeps flowing on a cloudy day. A 70 gallon (264 l) fresh water tank and water pump are also installed underneath the living room seating. Davis's 22 ft Off-Grid Tiny Home cost around US$79,000.
Davi's Tinyhouse with red kitchen and washing machine

Source: MitchCraft Tiny Homes, Adam Williams

Extra; Interview With Tiny Eco Homes UK

Earlier on this month I made my way to the Birmingham NEC for the Holiday Park Innovations show having a look round to see what exciting’s things people have in store for the 2018 holiday season. There was one thing that really stuck out to me and I had to find out more. Tiny Eco Homes UK had the most impressive touring home/glamping/towing innovation I had seen in quite some time. So I decided to have a catch up with the company director Chris March to find out more about his creation.
Tinyhouse from wood on a trailor with Chris in front during an exhibition
Hi Chris, thank you for taking the time to speak with me. How did you come up with the idea of the Tiny ECO Home?

I liked the idea of having a caravan to live and travel in but didn't find them very homely or practical for living in so decided I would build a mobile house that has all the home comforts and more.

How many sizes do the homes come in?

Road legal mobile tiny homes are 8ft wide and we build up to 23ft in length. We can also build static homes which are on mobile chassis that can be built 12ft wide to 32ft in length. Yes the majority of our projects are built to plans that our customers have drawn up.

We saw you at the NEC this month, how was the public reaction the your product?

We always draw a huge crowd wherever we go, everyone can't believe the space inside and the level of quality of the finish in our homes.

How do you power the homes if it is not connected on site?
Tinyhouse with solar panels behind a white car
As standard the homes come with a mains hook up point, we offer a fully off grid package where our homes come fitted with solar panels and a battery bank which provides mains power throughout the home.

What is the most fun build you've had?

We enjoy every build as we are all ways working on new designs.

These seem ideal for both static and mobile. Have you sold any to people or couples who will use them for static living?

Most people just park the home up and use it on a permanent site to be lived in full time.

How do these come delivered, flat pack or pre-built?

We proved homes in every stage from just a rolling chassis to a fully built home.

How much input would a customer have in the design of these homes?

We really like the customer to get involved with the build. We even have customers come to stay with us so they can even get stuck in throughout the building process

Where can we find more about your company and product?

You can visit us at our website

As you can see by the images and what Chris has said these homes are totally bespoke to your needs and can suit so many purposes. I think this may be added to my Christmas list.

By William Coleman