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Are we missing something? #Tinyhouses 'the Dutch way!
Architecture Architecture Tinyhouses

Thinking out of proportion or missing a link somewhere. That while solutions are sometimes so obvious. Simple, feasible and affordable. With this sober package of requirements, the Dutch construction company Heijmans is bringing a new living concept onto the market; ‘Heijmans ONE’. This special home offers opportunities for the demand for quality and affordable rental housing, but it also solves a social problem.

Two questions: one solution
Tinyhouse Heijmans ONE
Heijmans ONE intelligently connects two issues: the shortage of good temporary rental houses and the desolate appearance of vacant areas. Heijmans ONE is a beautiful and complete house that is temporarily placed in vacant areas in the city. It provides all necessary facilities, such as a kitchen, a bathroom, a spacious living room with loft, a separate bedroom and a private front door with an outdoor terrace.

Lodging for the 'Net-Non-generation'

Heijmans ONE serves the Net-Non generation. Who? Well-educated people; between 25 and 35 years old, first job, single, the world at their feet. Of this 'young and high potential' we count no less than 700,000 in 2050 in the Netherlands! That is more than Rotterdam counts for residents.
Heijmans ONE Tinyhouses
They want to develop in this kind of attractive places. They have to make concessions for that; earning too much for social rent, too little for free sector rent. Getting financing for a house is very difficult, but it is not equally desirable. Heijmans ONE focuses on the rental market. Living for € 700, - per month (target price), in a place where they can show their individuality.

'Pause landscapes' come to life
Tinyhouses heijmans One
Pause landscapes. Everyone knows them. Hidden places in or on the outskirts of inner cities, with a fence around it, which has not happened for years. With Heijmans ONE, location owners have a solution for these areas. Heijmans ONE contributes to aspects that are characteristic of these areas, such as attracting new money flows, social and social ties and identity and security issues.

That's how it's being pounded

By means of prefabrication, Heijmans ONE can be realized quickly and installed within one day. Start the final construction? Then the house simply travels with a truck to the next destination. This makes temporary use very sustainable. In addition to the circular use of Heijmans ONE, the houses, due to the solid wooden hull, all-electric use and generation of own energy (solar), are also extremely energy-efficient.
Assembling the Heijmans One Tinyhouse