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An #eco-tower which could be a #tinyhouse for permanent living.
Architecture Architecture Tinyhouses

What we love

Architect-designed, comfortable, simply beautiful.
#Eco tower cabin in landscape #tinyhouse

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The two-story tower features sides which open up on the ground level, creating wide verandahs to the north, east and west, and an airy living space.
#Eco-tower with open windows, landscapel

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Where is it?

Permanent Camping at Mudgee (Australia) What? Cabin Who? One to two people Sounding Good? Designed by Casey Brown Architecture as one mans retreat from the world, Permanent Camping near Mudgee is now open for the world to enjoy. Set on 1800 acres in central west NSW, on the tourist drive between Mudgee and Hill End, Permanent Camping is perfectly suited to take in views of the rugged Australian landscape for hundreds of miles around.
The interior of the #eco-tower with view on the landscape
With views across the pristine wilderness of central western NSW, the eco-friendly tower is the perfect size for two people. It was conceived with a minimal footprint, with side walls which open up to bring the landscape in.

This truly is a unique camping & living experience.

By: the architect

Casey Brown Architects