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A #Tinyhouse which follows the sun.
Architecture Architecture Tinyhouses

Tiny house MiniStek turns towards the sun

A completely self-sufficient house that rotates with the position of the sun, in order to store an optimal amount of solar energy. That house will soon be realised according the team behind MiniStek.
MiniStek originated in the ‘Energiefabriek’ in the town Apeldoorn (Netherlands), a creative breeding ground for entrepreneurs. The Creative Industries Fund encouraged creative people to get started with a so-called 'urgent urban task'.
Few people working on the #tinyhouse Ministeck inside a building
Photo by: MiniStek

Since there is a lot of vacancy in Apeldoorn and at the same time a housing shortage, we wanted to do something with it ", says Angelique van Lieshout of the ‘Energiefabriek’, a platform for sustainable citizens' initiatives. "We gathered a group from all interests and professions to get started. Someone called; ‘tiny house’! Another thought it must be something special.

The cottage had to turn. On the sun, an energy source that is always there!

The first prototype is recently made water- and windproof.
The core team of MiniStek currently consists of architects Mireille Langendijk and Ed Euser, timber designer Martijn Monné and business economist Annemarie Huisman. Angelique van Lieshout and Jos Greven are very involved with the team. They contribute by arranging a large part of the communication, promotion and administrative matters.

Spinning around
#Tinyhouse MiniStek under construction, wood, scaffolding, people
Photo by: MiniStek

MiniStek is round and has slanted roofs with solar panels that stand in such a slope that they catch as much sunlight as possible. MiniStek will soon have to spin around on the energy of that light. The cottage is, including terrace of 4 m2, 26 m2, or rather small. MiniStek is meant for one person or two people 'who love each other very much', jokes Martijn.
Wooden framework #Tinyhouse MiniStek
Photo by: MiniStek


In addition, there just have to be only a little preparation to be done to build MiniStek. The house should be a flexible living solution, easy to assemble and dismount at any location and therefore without too much foundation. That's why it consists of four segments that can be transported by truck. It is also the intention that MiniStek becomes completely self-sufficient and therefore not connected to utilities.

Scale model

Three months after the first scale model, a prototype was built in an empty shed, mainly from scrap wood. The prototype has been made wind and watertight in recent weeks. It gets a ‘sunscreen’ on the roof, to generate energy on a small scale. So that people get an idea of ​​what MiniStek is. During the many events, we hope to attract many curious and interested people.
many people in front of the #Tinyhouse Ministek
The unveiling of the #Tinyhouse; Ministek. Photo Fokke P. de Boer


Architect Mireille is particularly interested in self-sufficient and healthy living. MiniStek is being built vapor-open. This means that moisture is taken up by the natural building materials of the house and given up again. As a result, you get a house with optimum humidity and the indoor climate is more constant than in an ordinary house. The regular building is not used to building a vapor open way, and because of the strict insulation standards it actually pulls a raincoat around the buildings. "

By Natalie Polman