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A #circular building The '#Green House'.
Architecture Architecture General

Circular hospitality concept

In 15 years he will be disassembled again, but this week is all about the opening. The circular building The Green House is the new meeting place at Utrecht Central (Netherlands) and has a restaurant, meeting rooms and a greenhouse on the roof.
The Greenhouse seen from aside
R Creators, has realized The Green House from a circular point of view. From the foundation to the steel skeleton of the building: releasability is central. The goal is to disassemble The Green House after fifteen years and put it back in a different location or give the building materials a different function in other places.

A cooperation contract

Circular operation also includes a circular building. That is why a foodservice company has not signed a traditional lease, but a cooperation contract. 'If you really want to work in a circular way, that has to be done with each other, throughout the entire chain'.
The interior from the Greenhouse with people
The greenhouse on the roof ensures that foodservice company can grow local ingredients. The CO2 emissions, vitality and location are mentioned for every dish that is served. The reduction of waste, energy and water use is central. Suppliers are also involved in the circular ideas: products are not purchased, but they are paid for use: pay-per-use.

In the YouTubevideo below, a virtual tour of The Green House:

By: Rianne Lachmeijer