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#Tinyhouse which provide shade from the hot summer sun.
Architecture Architecture Tinyhouses

#Tinyhouses for sunny occasions.

These beautiful tiny houses - designed by Ron Shenkin Architecture - provide relief from the glaring sun thanks to their dynamic pergolas. The Dor Holiday Bungalows offer a serene seaside retreat for those looking to get away from it all.
wooden veranda with view in the evening
The cabins are built with horizontal timber slats and they feature pergolas that provide shade from the hot summer sun. The open-air decks offer views of private gardens and the sea in the distance.
Interior #tinyhouse with bench, chahirs and sliding doors with view
From the deck, large sliding glass doors lead into the interior, which is illuminated during the day with an abundance of natural light. Inside, a spacious living area leads to the kitchen. The bathroom, complete with a hot tub, is located in the back.
Sleeping room with bed and curtians
The timber bungalows are available in various sizes with studio layouts or separate bedrooms. Cozy furnishings make the living spaces quite comfortable and welcoming. Behind the bungalows, guests can enjoy a shared pool and lounge space. The compact cabins were prefabricated off-site and built on concrete slabs to reduce their footprint on the landscape.

By Brinkwire

Photography by Albert Adot via Ron Shenkin Architecture