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#Sustainable house built with a 3D printer
Architecture Architecture General

#Off grid.

It is the dream of some of us to ever quietly live in a cabin of grid. Without too much hassle and the hustle and bustle of the city. New techniques can probably help these people live completely off-the-grid in the near future. Think of figures printed with a 3D printer, but bigger. Much bigger.
Students from the university of Tennessee standing in the 3D printed hull
Print a house with a 3D printer

The American architectural firm Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, and a team from the University of Tennessee have entered into a partnership to create one of the largest objects made with a 3D printer: a house.
The object that is created is called "Additive Manufacturing Integrated Energy structure" (abbreviated AIMIE 1.0), is an object that has been made entirely with a 3D printer. With this project, the designers give a small insight into the off-the-grid mobile life that might be possible in the future.
Graphic car supplying electricity to off grid house
Let the sun shine

The 3D-printed house does not look very livable yet, but the possibilities have certainly been considered. The object is in fact a sustainable house and car in one (we often call it a camper nowadays ..), which can generate both electricity and act as a source of energy.
On the inside of the hypermodern camper you will find a refrigerator, lights and a crane that all work on solar energy. If the devices are not switched on, the electricity of the #solar panels is stored in the battery of the house. The car is also equipped with a battery and generator that can provide the house with energy when the sun is not shining.
People looking at the 3D printed house
The future of sustainable living?

Sustainability is a red thread in the project. With a 3D printer you can design something and print it exactly, so there is no waste left over. It will take a while before AIMIE 1.0 is for sale, if it appears on the market at all. It appears in any case that the possibilities for printing objects with a 3D printer are far from exhausted.

By: Lisanne Beijen