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#Solar panels on roof and walls. The WikiHouse.
Architecture Architecture Tinyhouses

Sustainable building with the roof and all walls of solar panels.

In recent weeks the "WikiHouse" has been built which is completely covered with Loci integrated solar panels on the Westerschelde 1 in Zwijndrecht (Netherlands). Not only the roof of this Tiny House is completely covered with the Loci fully integrated solar panels, also all walls.
Graphic from the WikiHouse

The WikiHouse

WikiHouse, a derivative of the Tiny House, is a movement that has come over from America. People live en masse of large houses in small houses. Rebor BV has delivered the Loci Zonnepanelen roof to various "Tiny House and Wiki House" projects in the past period.
"Stefan de Vos of RoosRos architects had a great challenge in designing the first fully covered WikiHouse in the Netherlands and thanks to an enormous creativity, it has been able to integrate all panels optimally within the design. Bram Kroon and Ed de Groot of "Kroon en de Groot Airconditioning bv" have provided the installation and installation for this unique project ", says Rene Borro (director Rebor B.V.). Rene Borro from Loci Zonnepanelen roof was approached by Stefan de Vos and worked closely with Bram Kroon for further practical development.

"We are now talking about energy-generating facades and that is special. Facades of solar panels provide many building options to generate more sustainable energy ", says Rene Borro.

Impressive facades of solar panels
Graphic Wikihouse sustainable parts
"It was a very innovative project that initially challenged me enormously. From the concept drawings it was already very impressive. The practical installation was very professional and was well thought-out. The big advantage was that everything went smoothly and smoothly, partly because early on in the project all the conditions of the panels were taken into account. The final result is an innovative design with a beautiful modern look that may form the new standard for modern and sustainable building ", says Rene Borro.

LOCI Solar Integrated & Insulated Roof

Rebor BV (founded in 2006) is engaged in innovations and research in the field of solar energy for the generation of electricity within the built environment and in particular the architectural integration in that environment. This is often done in collaboration with other companies in the sector and knowledge institutes such as Eindhoven University of Technology, ECN, TU Delft and the combination of both in the organization called SEAC (Solar Energy Application Center).

By: Nieuwsbank, Loci Zonnepanelen Dak