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#Are you searching for a #sustainable hotel? The Svart Hotel in Norway is one of the few!
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When you think of a hotel, many things come to you from luxury to room service, but sustainability is usually not part of that. Except when you see the concept for the Svart hotel, which architects Snøhetta designed for a picturesque spot in Norway.
It looks like a futuristic building that you would find in a science fiction film where there is no war anymore and uses 85 percent less energy than your standard hotel.

Circular hotel

The hotel is located at the foot of Mount Almlifjellet and the circular building spreads out over the waters of the Holandsfjorden fjord. This form ensures that the building seamlessly integrates with the surrounding nature, while on the other hand it still stands out and offers visitors a panoramic view of the natural landscape.
Part of theSvart Hotel standing in the water

References to fishermen's houses
Red Rorbu houses in a bay in Norway
Rorbu houses in Norway

Both during the construction and the use of the hotel, we tried to design everything as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible. References to nature also return in the design. For example, in the design we see the A-shape of a fiskehjell back, which is a wooden structure where fish is dried. Also comes the shape of a rorbu comes back in the support structure, which is the Norwegian word for a season cottage that is used by fishermen.

Optimal shape and placement for the sun

Before the hotel was built, first research was done into how the sun's rays behave at the foot of the mountain during the year in order to generate solar energy as efficiently as possible. The result is the round shape, where the hotel rooms, restaurants and terraces have been strategically placed to get the best out of the sun.

The round Svart Hotel standing in water seen from above
The amazing Svart Hotel lokated in a beautiful Bay

Durable materials

Even when choosing the necessary materials, the environment has been taken into account. Numerous solar panels have been installed on the roof, which of course have been produced sustainably with hydropower energy. In addition, the support structure consists of weather-resistant wood that dips deep into the water. Materials that involve a lot of energy such as structural steel and concrete are avoided.

Support structure and promenade

Svart is a beautiful place to be in both summer and winter. In the summer, the support structure also serves as a sort of round jetty, where you can walk and the facades ensure that the sun does not heat too much inside so that guests do not die in the heat. In the winter, the jetty is used again to store boats and kayaks and the insulating facades ensure that it does not get too cold inside. And if that was not enough, the hotel also uses geothermal sources to heat the building.

Automakers are also busy with sustainability and therefore focus on electric cars. Autonomy seems to belong to electric cars and the intention would be to end up with autonomous cars. However, Nissan makes a small trip for variety and has designed autonomous slippers for a hotel. It would be a nice addition to Svart.

Nissan introduces mind-blowing self-parking furniture and slippers

By: Ilona Braam, Design tree