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For writers, influencers and dreamers who want to make the world a greener place.

WhatsOrb reaches monthly about 28.000 thousand visitors who want - like you - to make the world a greener place. Share your expertise and all can benefit.

Become an influencer and write and share sustainable news and innovations globally
Are you a writer or do you have ideas about sustainability which you want to share? Register and share your green knowledge and news. WhatsOrb offers you global exposure for your article.

If your article meets certain standards, you receive promotional gains like Facebook promotions and Google Ads advertising.

About Whatsorb

WhatsOrb - Boost Global Sustainability Now.       

    • Do you want to contribute to a more sustainable world?
    • Do you want reliable information and true green solutions?
    • Do you want to act right now?

It is great that you do!
WhatsOrb - literal meaning ‘’what’s up in the world’’ - strongly believes that every single act of every single person boosts our collective results. You cannot make the world sustainable on your own, but together, we absolutely can. This process is facilitated on,
a global non-commercial, non-political, objective platform sharing all there is to know on true sustainability. 

On, we boost

  • Balanced information on all topics
  • Green solutions
  • Shared insights and great research
  • The coolest innovations
  • An opportunity to act right away

Because we believe that
Sustainability starts with acting. Acting starts with knowledge. By sharing one of our news articles on social media, posting your comment, or launching your innovative product, you could inform and inspire thousands of people globally. Those people inform and inspire even more people. That’s how your single act boosts collective sustainability.

Our reality asks for realness.
Our team is checking every news item, every piece of insight, and every product. That is how we make sure that it truly contributes to a better world. For instance: we only present green products which are also distributed sustainably.

Will You Help Too?

Who, me? Yes, you!

    • And your neighbor
    • Journalists and influencers
    • Companies and learning facilities
    • Even world leaders!

‘’Nobody ever has to think that their act is like a drop in the ocean anymore.’’

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This Is What People Think Of

    • ‘’WhatsOrb is a platform where like-minded organizations can join forces.’’
    • ‘’Wealth of information.’’
    • ‘’Everything is cutting-edge.’’

WhatsOrb is supported by
The Human Power Team | Clean2Antartica | Solar Team Eindhoven | The Ocean Clean-up

This site contains affiliate links. We only promote products and services that we 100% support. With the income, we can maintain this site. Do you have a warm heart for Then we would love it if you purchase a product or service through us. It will not cost you anything extra, and we will fully use the compensation for the site. I really appreciate any help you can provide.

Meet the WhatsOrb Team.
A group of passionate professionals working on green solutions.

Yvonne Doff, Writer.

Hi, my name is Yvonne. I live in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. I'm a writer at heart. I'm working daily on writing web texts, blogs, articles, and social media posts. Twice a month, I give the workshop creative writing through Zoom. In my spare time, I love to walk, to be in nature, and to enjoy the world around me. I love music as well, I play the piano, and I sing. I like to read books, to widen my knowledge but as well to relax. Every week I dance salsa and bachata. Want to know more or have a chat sometime? Please feel free to contact me.


Daan Beudeker, Linkbuilder.

Practical ideologist. His mission is to make the world a better place using his entrepreneurial spirit. He likes to challenge himself in multiple ways e.g. in sports or personal leadership.  

Cindy Westland, Office manager.

Financial spider in the web. WhatsOrb is a company with stakeholders and interests in the Netherlands and abroad. Cindy continuously monitors the administration of the company and addresses in-and external issues. It’s done with panache and great enthusiasm. Gardening is one of Cindy’s activities when having free time.

Hans van der Broek, CEO.

World traveler, entrepreneur and environmental activist. Has countless ideas and set up several businesses in the Netherlands and abroad. Has an opinion about everything and unlimited thoughts about a better world. He likes hiking and climbed numerous 5.000 m.

WhatsOrb Green Project RTL7


Stay Updated on Environmental Improvements And Global Innovations