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About Whatsorb

What does the name WhatsOrb mean?

WhatsOrb means; What is going on with our Earth? Because of the influence of humanity many things are out of balance, even worse, we are polluting our own 'nest'. 

Orb means; something circular like a circle or orbit. A spherical body especially a spherical celestial object like for example our Earth. So, 'What's going on with our Orb'?

Sustainability and innovations

WhatsOrb is thè Global Sustainability X-Change Platform that publishes 'your and others sustainability ideas' and shares it with the world. WhatsOrb is inviting its users to:

  • upload their own ideas and share green innovations and news
  • connect with others to speed up sustainable solutions faster

What's in for me?

Do you want to know what you can do for the world and Whatsorb for you? Click on above and start adding value for all.

Your one-stop-source for a better world

WhatsOrb is your one-stop-source for all matters regarding sustainability. As a user, you will be able to find the latest news and valuable contacts. Stay on top of new developments and educate yourself on durable solutions. Additionally, you can add to this content by uploading your own ideas and solutions regarding pressing environmental and energy problems. We believe in your sustainable ideas!

Sustainable ideas shared with single click

With a single click, you can share your idea with the world. Additionally, you will be able to connect with thought leaders and organizations that are also involved in finding new, innovative ways of durably improving our global environment, through the improving, inventing or innovating of sustainable products and services. Together we can speed up sustainable progress.

Easy upload and connection features

WhatsOrb combines the knowledge and content of other websites on sustainability with the easy upload and connection features that we have become so familiar with in this current social media and social connectivity era. A combination that is powerful and unique, and offers its users unparalleled reach and potential. Join WhatsOrb and become part of the powerful sustainability movement.

Meet the WhatsOrb Team.
A group of passionate professionals working on green solutions.

Daan Beudeker, Linkbuilder.

Practical ideologist. His mission is to make the world a better place using his entrepreneurial spirit. He likes to challenge himself in multiple ways e.g. in sports or personal leadership.  

Cindy Westland, Office manager.

Financial spider in the web. WhatsOrb is a company with stakeholders and interests in the Netherlands and abroad. Cindy continuously monitors the administration of the company and addresses in-and external issues. It’s done with panache and great enthusiasm. Gardening is one of Cindy’s activities when having free time.

Hans van der Broek, CEO.

World traveler, entrepreneur and environmental activist. Has countless ideas and set up several businesses in the Netherlands and abroad. Has an opinion about everything and unlimited thoughts about a better world. He likes hiking and climbed numerous 5.000 m.

Join WhatsOrb and share your products, services, innovations and ideas with the world as an individual or organisation.

Whats' in for me?

Upload, share, connect and improve!

Together we can find solutions faster. Start X-Changing your sustainability ideas today! 

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