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About Whatsorb


WhatsOrb is a Global Sustainability Platform that displays everything about sustainability, inviting its users to:

  • upload their own content and share green innovations
  • connect with others to find sustainable solutions faster

Meet the WhatsOrb Team.
A group of passionate professionals working on green solutions.

Cindy Westland, Office manager.

Financial spider in the web. WhatsOrb is a company with stakeholders and interests in the Netherlands and abroad. Cindy continuously monitors the administration of the company and addresses in-and external issues. It’s done with panache and great enthusiasm. Gardening is one of Cindy’s activities when having free time.

Hans van der Broek, CEO.

World traveler, entrepreneur and environmental activist. Has countless ideas and set up several businesses in the Netherlands and abroad. Has an opinion about everything and unlimited thoughts about a better world. He likes hiking and climbed numerous 5.000 m.


Join WhatsOrb and share your products, services, innovations and ideas with the world as an individual or organisation.

Upload, share, connect and improve!

Together we can find solutions faster. Start exchanging your sustainability ideas today! 

The WhatsOrb-Team